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. what are we going to get for it? what do we get out of it? the first responders, we have cities out here that are -- they didn't get the federal help, god forbid, something like that happened out here, we would be just lost. >> bill: look, we don't have so much of the hurricane problem in california but we have the earthquakes and how many times -- i remember how many earthquakes have we been through in northern california and southern california, i have, what's the first thing the governor does or the cities do. they turn to fema for help. for emergency responders that they're able to bring in from other states. first responders. and then for the rebuilding effort. for the protection against them. disaster relief, you would think that everybody would understand that disaster relief -- okay, maybe you don't really like a big federal government but there is a role for the federal government in disaster relief. the fact that mitt romney doesn't see that to me shows how -- just how shortsighted he is. what a captive of th
on the rest of us. what are they doing? some of the employees are literally striking back. for the first time in 50 years there was a multi-city strike in walmarts across the country. one of the reasons why they were striking initially because they didn't have ceiling fans in the warehouse they were working in. do you know how hot the warehouse was? 120 degrees. put in ceiling fans for the love of christ. now there is a report in arkansas about some of these strikers. >> protesters figured they had seen every top honcho in the company if they showed up, and they did in mass. the protesters are with a group called "making changes in walmart." they came from dallas, miami san francisco, they're complaining about low wages lack of benefits, safety concerns and lack of opportunities for advancement. >> cenk: so now in cities across the country, dallas seattle miami, los angeles washington, d.c. san francisco sacramento laurel, maryland, theythere are strikers. employee ins across the world has come to join them as well. it's an interesting movement that is taking place one that walmart is not hap
. a man who is actually progressive. the man who used to be mayor of salt lake city and the man who joins us now. rocky, i want to ask you about progressives and the debate, but first i want to start with mitt romney. you actually knew mitt romney back during the olympics of salt lake city. is that the same mitt romney that we see today? >> not at all. he's unrecognizable to my. not only inme.not only in terms of radical changes on so many circumstance, but he comes off as so out of touch and a little bit clueless, not the kind of charisma. when we knew him during the olympics he was a good reasonable moderate guy who was pro-choice pro gay and lesbian rights? how else would he have won the governorship of massachusetts. the things he has done to change himself, he's very uncomfortable in the skin that his handlers have had him crawl into. >> cenk: now rocky i understand that he does not actually hold those positions that would be my guess as you're indicating here. but the guy's core seems to be do whatever i got to do to win. wouldn't that have been the same guy who says i'll do whateve
biggest city in ohio. it was named parma because it was the first place of parmesan true. >> there is no way that is true. >> or is it that true. >> vote now. >> i'm barack obama. >> i'm mitt romney. >> i approve this message. >> the good people of parma like other ohioans, like the other people of ohio, can barely get through the episode of real housewives of akron without being bombarded with political ads. like in los angeles our commercials are about kim kardashian and her boob jobs. what is it like for presidential elections. >> i get sick of the phone calls. 20 a day. >> 20 phone calls a day. >> about that. >> i don't get 20 regular phone calls in a month. i should move to ohio. >> personally, i don't care who you're going to vote for as long as it's not romney. >> aren't we biased. >> why would you say that? >> because you're from l.a. >> forcible rape. >> how can you support that. >> i wish i lived in new york because it's not a swing state. >> are you a family? >> um, she's a close friend to me and my wife. and she had an opportunity to come to the rally in parma
the major cities are working is philadelphia mayor michael nutter. he's also the president of the u.s. conference of mayors. mr. mayor, welcome back inside "the war room." >> thank you governor. and first let me start by saying that our hearts, our concern but also our expression of support at many levels go out to mayor mike bloomberg in new york and other mayors in new jersey and other cities. we've already sent some personnel from philadelphia up to new york and to new jersey to try to be as helpful and supportive as possible. these are devastating circumstances. our deepest sympathies to those who have either been injured or certainly family members of those who have died. this is the toughest time to be in public service as you certainly well know. and i just want to state that from the start. >> jennifer: yeah, i appreciate that. it is a great statement of how mayors and governors often put aside their partisan politics when human life is at risk. there is real damage and pain. thanks for stating that and for b
first moved to l.a. from new york city when i was doing a network t.v. show. i was shocked. i would go to the gym and there would be 3t.v. screens and at least one of them had a freeway chase. no one knows the mayor but they all watch the freeway chases every day. i'd like to say that this is never going to happen again as shep said, what do you think? >> it was or the of an amazing thing to watch. i saw on twitter there's a chase on fox live! oh, my gosh, this is insane. oh he's pulling over. he's pulling over in the field. he's running from the car. immediately the air being let out of the topic when the guy shot himself. now everybody feels bad and how could fox show this. it's kind of like well, you guys were just watching it. you guys are the ones that are watching it. this is what happens when you build it up and make it this big thing opinion you drive everybody to watch it. this is kind of what you were hoping for? >> well, i don't want to go that for. >> ok. >> i don't want to assume. i think what they're going for is ratings eyeballs, not necessarily blood. i understand what
to pay attention to what is going on in their communities, towns, and cities. our republican mayor who was elected with something like a 42% mandate, if you will the first thing he did when he came to office was eliminate the education channel, teachers in albuquerque has used to help form late their curriculums. this is happening everywhere. >> bill: and you see, betty, i think the point you are making he didn't -- whoever the mayor is, didn't do that to save money. he did it because he doesn't believe in it and doesn't think it's important. >> caller: you are absolutely right, sir. >> bill: and it is the same thing with pbs. first of all it is never going to happen. you can't stick your finger in the eye of 91% of american families. but were he to do it it only be -- it wouldn't save any money. wouldn't notice. it's not even a blip on the screen, the budget for pbs. he would only do it because they don't believe in matters of the soul. ike is calling from charlston, south carolina. hi, ike, what is up. >> caller: hey bill the big tv star, how are ya buddy? >> b
send lewis black first. he reports back, and then i go. >> stephanie: i'm going to new york city this saturday. ron writes steph, the husband-bear and i are looking forward to meeting and groping you this saturday. i can't imagine what -- what with the prospecial mystery guests, what else could make it more thrilling. oh, it's thrilling. >> huge. >> huge. >> stephanie: look for santa bear and the shorter wolfish fur ball with the goatee. that will be me. >> fresh from her star-studs performance in hollywood, the hear's hottest political show the stephanie miller sexy liberal comedy tour is finally coming to the city that never sleeps, new york. >> so you have been crawling about to broadway. >> on october 27th the eve of election 2012 the stephanie miller sexy liberal comedy tour will take the stage. >> there is nothing like the thrill of doing a live show on broadway. >> featuring john fugelsang, hal sparks, aisha tyler and stephanie miller. for tickets go to ticketmaster.com or call. don't miss your one and only chance to see all of the sexy liberal comed
, steph having a week from hell at work, but light at the end of the tunnel sexy liberal new york city baby. see you in the second row in the splash zone. i get my dna on most of the first two years -- >> how do you do that? like how? >> stephanie: you paid your money you take your chances. >> cool. >> stephanie: yeah and tomorrow night will probably be sold out like all of the other ones. >> i wish i could go. >> stephanie: it's sexy liberal palooza. >> i can't travel two weeks in a row. >> stephanie: all right. mitt romney on the campaign trail. >> romney: we recognize this is the year with big choice and america wants to see big changes. >> stephanie: big, bold bad ideas. we were saying every bad idea it is a big one, right? >> yeah. >> stephanie: like that is a big idea. >> like when i got married and stuff. [ wah wah ] >> exactly. >> at the risk of sounding like jim, hitler had some big ideas. >> big huge ideas. >> stephanie: how did you beat him -- >> i don't know. >> stephanie: all right. mitt romney on more bigness. >> romney: his challenges are big challenges, a
today, coast-to-coast, time zone to time zone. leaving the white house right about now. his first stop is davenport, iowa where we has a campaign event at the mississippi valley fairgrounds. leaves there to go to denver colorado hitting another key swing state with a big event at city park in denver today. then he flies to the west coast to los angeles california to tape an appearance on jay leno and then he leaves burbank and goes to las vegas, november november for a big campaign event at do little park in las vegas. and i don't know where he is going from there. >> what happens in vegas, stays in vegas. [♪ theme music ♪] >> bill: good morning, america. what do you say? it is wednesday, october 24th. great to see you today, and thank you for joining us here on the "full court press" on current tv where the tackle the big stories of the day, whether it is happening here in our nation's capitol, around the country, or around the globe, we'll give you a chance to sound off on it. at 866-55-press or going to twitter @bpshow. and mitt romney told 24 lies in
an eighth grade boy like me. >> you don't think i don't want to have to do my hair first thing in the morning. >> stephanie: you don't want to know what this looks like every morning. mark sexy liberal in new york city. awesome show at the beacon. i had to wonder if i was a lesbian trapped in a man's body. now i'm convinced of it. mark. [ applause ] somebody -- [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] you mentioned nate silver. we all have post-traumatic poll disorder. nate silver, 90% likely to retain control of the senate. that's before any post-mourdock polls in indiana. fyi -- and we mentioned this earlier, julie in seattle writes steph, nate silver tweets "the washington examiner," the un-- they're the ones that make up their own right wing numbers has posted a little discussion. how he's kind of gay looking which accounts for the faction that he's predicting ever increasing chances that obama will win. after they explain how wrong he is about romney losing, they threaten him. you better change your prediction
to atlantic city this afternoon. he's going to tour the storm damage with governor chris christie who has been very complimentary to him by the way. speak with people in the aftermath and thank first responders. the campaign is out with a new web video today featuring campaign manager jim messina talking about the work the president's doing to coordinate with local and state officials in the aftermath of sandy and also the importance of donation to the red cross. he then is going to shift back into campaign mode in this video and here he talks about an emphasis on early voting. >> don't believe the polls. you don't need to. early voting has started across the country. we have actual results to report and those results show clearly the president will win re-election if we do what we need to do. >> yea! 4.4 million people have already voted. he goes on to encourage volunteers to dig deep. mitt romney spending the day in florida with senator marco rubio and jeb bush. paul ryan will be in wisconsin. romney allegedly to
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)

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